The INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL BERGERAULT’s percussion course is addressed to percussionists of all ages and organized in three different levels. Each level having specific activities, timetables and contents which will make possible to take everything you want from the course. As a result, you will have great experiences within your group, and individual time for yourself and your personal practice.


All the invited artists are there to help you to take the most profit of your participation at the FESTIVAL. Philippe Spiesser, Mika Takehara, César Peris, Håkon Stene, Javier Azanza, Raúl Benavent, Eddy Hackett, Lucía Carro, Pau Vila y Sergio Astasio. A perfect occasion to get to know them all.

1st Level

Discovering music through percussion

Musical initiation and elementary education

*Only couse/festival

2nd Level

Take inspiration for your future

Professional education, medium level

*Only couse/festival

3rd Level

Music is your profession... and much more

Bachelor, Postgraduate and Master Degree

*Only couse/festival