Modernity, Method and Mind

Orchestral Repertoire

by Raúl Benavent

Pieces to work by composers such as Ravel, Falla, Korsakov, Stravinsky, Mahler and Shostakovich.

Instruments: snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, suspended cymbal and tam-tam.

Timpani at Symphonic Orchestra

by Javier Azanza

Talk about the conception and the role played daily by the orchestra timpanist.


We will approach to compression of the different ways to use timpani in different composers and pieces.


Section rehearsals with percussion and timpani. Pieces by Berlioz, Shostakovich, Mahler, Strauss...

Hand percussion

by Eddy Hackett

How hand percussion and groove playing can relate to orchestral playing techniques.

"Creative entrepreneur"

by Eddy Hackett

Being a ‘creative entrepreneur’, and making a career within music.

Mental training

by Mika Takehara

How to combine practicing and inspiration to become more confidence by mental training.

Bone Alphabet


by Håkon Stene

Practice strategies for contemporary percussion repertoire.

Case study: Brian Ferneyhough's "Bone Alphabet".


In this lecture, we look at different strategies to decipher, internalize, and memorize complex rhythmical structures.


Methods such as using computer generated audio models, click-trackers, and visual aid will be discussed

The State of Percussive Materials: the Mutation of Percussion

by Håkon Stene

In this lecture we look at recent works and performers, and discuss 21st century tendencies in the field of percussion – tendencies that have come to question the core of our practice.


Developing from historical models of the Western orchestral percussionists, today's "percussion-ism" – especially within the context of experimental music – is more complex, incoherent , and multi-directional than ever before.


What does it imply to perform percussion today?

Wherein lies the identity of our craft?



Improvisation as a composition tool

by Luis Tabuenca

Notation and extended techniques for piano

by Helga Karen

Composition for and with the body

by Yiran Zhao

An expanded field to develop compositional ideas, including direct interaction with audience members through their own bodies.

Alexander Technique

by Aranka Fortwängler

Approaching to the Alexander Technique. Application for musicians.