Last professional education, bachelor, postgrade and master degree

The FESTIVAL is offering a composition course which main intention is to connect composers and performers in order to promote the co-working between them. You will not just get lessons with the invited composition teachers and the composers in residence, but also you will be sharing and living with them and with the percussionists invited to the festival and the course’s participants. You will be able to experiment, learn, develop your compositional language, and try out your concepts and ideas with them. 

The composition’s teachers Michael Maierhof and Alberto Bernal, the composers in residence Óscar Escudero and Yiran Zhao, the pianist Helga Karen and the percussionist Luis Tabuenca will share all their experience with you.

The application for this level includes:

  • Group and individual composition’s lessons with the guest teachers
  • Group and individual composition’s lessons with the composers in residence
  • Call for projects to introduce during the FESTIVAL
  • Workshop Techno co-working
  • Masterclass on piano preparation and extended techniques
  • Masterclass on improvisation as a composition tool
  • Co-working with percussionists and piano
  • Workshops about movement and body expression
  • Attendance to all masterclasses and conferences
  • Attendance to all the concerts and shows

* For this level we offer different application's modalities:

  • Only course/festival (190€)
  • Course/festival + all the meals (280€)
  • Course/festival + accommodation and meals (390€)

*Only couse/festival

The FESTIVAL will provide designated pastoral staff to monitor under 18's.