Valdepeñas offers unsurpassable locations and concert venues for the different events of the FESTIVAL: concert halls and auditoriums, squares and streets for open air concerts, the rests of the Iberian town "Cerro de las Cabezas", several musems, cultural centers and schools.

Municipal Auditorium

Municipal Museum

"Cerro de las Cabezas"

Wine Museum

Cultural Centre "La Confianza"

A very special place, full of history, where one of the most special concerts of the festival is going to take place. Looking to the stars and hearing Persephone from the underworld.

"Jesús Baeza" School

"Francisco Nieva" Auditorium

Young Hostel "El Cañaveral"

Lessons will take place in the School "Jesús Baeza" classes, Francisco Nieva Concert Hall

and Young Hostel "El Cañaveral"

"Plaza de España", "Plaza de la Constitución y "Escuelas" st.

Lots of performances, concerts and musical games and activities are going to take place in Valdepeñas’ streets during the whole week.

Download HERE the map with concert venues and locations where the FESTIVAL activities are going to take place!